Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Summer!

Every June begins summertime.  Update:  those blackberries are ripe and ready for picking.  Plenty for you—there are way more of them than birds to eat them.
The River is ready for your enjoyment.

Take a look at the Garden.  It is doing very well this year.

And see the harvest after everything was picked just two days earlier.
Also doing really well are Sunflowers.  These all germinated on their own-- evidently from last year's seeds.  Several of them were transplanted to the flower garden when they were just a few inches high,   Reminds you of "... look at me now ..." from Karmin's viral video of the same name?

Though you may be wishing for better weather where you are, it's been great here at the River.  Here's those sunflowers for you to enjoy.

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