Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Five deer went to the River to drink water

Early in the morning, she saw five deer walking across the boulevard toward the River.  They traveled along the path--  using the new path (see post, Happy Trails).

Carefully opening the door to get a clear show, forgot to zoom with telephoto (sorry).  And it was so early, the camera had to be set to f/4 at 1/400 second with film speed = ISO 1600 to gather enough light.
Maybe this detail shot may help you see them.

Downhill skiing

This dead tree probably won't survive too much longer.
In the meantime, it's great for little creatures to climb up & down. No need to fetch him with a ladder. If he were to get stranded at the top, just pull the whole dang tree down.
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Thanksgiving at the River

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving holiday.
Is this now the 21st century holiday decoration for the holiday?
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Happy Trails

Some wild critter is walking along the new path. Still need to rake the little branches so grass will grow here in the Spring.
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Locust in the late afternoon

The locust tree blocks the late afternoon sun itself. You can see the late afternoon shadows. In the summer, the sun is much farther to the right.

Notice those thorns on the tree. They're nasty. Punctured a few tractor tires, they have.

Read more about the honey locust and its thorns (click here to go to Wikipedia)
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Come back again soon!