Saturday, April 23, 2011

Living with Mother Nature

We're sharing half of the pine trees we planted with our neighbors who swim in the river.

Here's your education for today:
Beavers prefer certain trees and woody species, such as aspen, cottonwood, willow, sweetgum, blackgum, black cherry, tulip poplar, and pine, depending on availability. However, they can and will eat the leaves, twigs, and bark of most species of woody plants that grow near the water, as well as a wide variety of herbaceous and aquatic plants. Beavers often travel 100 yards (90 m) or more from a pond or stream to get to corn fields, soybean fields, and other growing crops, where they cut the plants off at ground level and drag them back to the water. They eat parts of these plants and often use the remainder as construction material in the dam.


Our neighbor gave us some iris a while back. These have just begun blooming this year. Thanks, neighbor!
Flower Garden

Soon they'll be ripe

This may be the year.  The patch is maturing, but youthful.
Close inspection will show fruits, still green, under the leaves.
Strawberry Field
Remember many months ago when we were working on this strawberry patch?


We seem to have a new recurring visitor this Spring.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Come back again soon!