Thursday, May 05, 2011

Out for a stroll

A pair of geese have been recurring visitors to our place this Spring. Here, you can see them walking around.

One of the geese thought I was getting too close. See him as he flies away. (scenes clipped from video, below)

Finally, watch the video. Listen to the geese begin honking (at 00:29 seconds).

It's fun to see the second goose do his splash landing in the river (01:04).

The video was shot with a cell phone camera.  Surprisingly good quality.  Especially for the clips of the goose in flight. 
It is amazing to be able to show these scenes here, just several hours from when they occurred. 
Can you remember 8mm cameras? After a few days at the photo processor, you could see silent home movies with the projector and screen. And we were all excited back then to enjoy the show.   

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