Saturday, May 08, 2010

Home is an ISLAND

What a difference a few days make.  Look how happy and proud the Garden Cottage is wearing its new coat of paint.  And its "big brother" house is nearby.

Then it started to rain... and rain...  and rain... and rain:
Now, see the Garden Cottage.  Well, at least you can see the very top of its roof.

Look carefully and see the Garden Cottage's roof in the distance, at the upper left of this picture:

A neighbor who lives on higher ground took this picture.  Can you see how the River has come to visit the house.  The River is enjoying wrapping around the wrap-around porch.  The trees you see grow along the "dry creek".  Today, the dry creek is the Buffalo River.  

It will be interesting to see what surprises await as the River returns to its normal height.


  1. Oh Geoff & Amy, we just saw the pics last night, we are SO sorry everyone's suffered such flooding, but, PRAISE God no injuries.

    Poor little garden cottage, looked SO cute with it's new paint job, but, I'm sure you'll get everything restored asap & we'll spend many more visits on that wrap aroung porch enjoying your fellowship & a calmer river again.

    Wish we were there to help clean & repair with all our neighbors, God Bless you all & stay safe!

  2. Poor Tracker, too!

    We've only seen 2 pics from our lot, looks like "Mrs. Plate" went down river, hum...she didn't even say "goodbye" either!

    I think we're gonna invest in scuba gear, too...maybe now's the time to think about becoming a Navy Seal, or trying to sell a lot to one so we can have our very own rescue team, I nominate Kevin & Renee, our HEROES!

    Seriously speaking, our heart go out to you all, especially Barbara & Ronny.

    Watch out for snakes now & stay safe, see ya' soon!


Come back again soon!