Saturday, February 27, 2010

Turtles were hibernating? Hatching?

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Some of the ground washed away from our bridge over the course of the last few floods.

  • I dug out a couple of now-useless cinder blocks that had been serving as retaining walls, and pulled out another that had fallen into the water.
  • Build a new retaining wall to hold the dirt just this side of the bridge.
  • In the course of digging some dirt and wheelbarrowing it down the path to the bridge, here's what I picked up with the shovel.  They were getting ready to hatch?  In February?
These are tiny little guys.  Almost like the kind you used to be able to buy at the Five and Dime store.  You can see their size by noticing the orange ladybug on the porch deck.  Looks like their eyes aren't ready to open (see lower left picture).  Not to worry, these two guys were replaced back in the dirt where they had been living.

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