Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beyond the path ...

So you've crossed the bridge and headed to the river's edge.  
You can sit on these steps and watch the tiny fish swimming in the shallow water.
If you're a kitten, you can step down to the water until your paw gets wet-- look surprised-- and shake it vigorously.

Looking downriver.  
(click for full-size)
Notice the "island" covered with young trees.  Just a short while ago, this was barely an island; it's since filled in completely to the riverbank (on your right).

Looking up the river. What do you see?  Look carefully.  There's always something to see.

Did you miss the blue heron flying lazily, wings outstretched, as he cruised down the river past you?

Can you see any beavers?  They live near that cluster of trees that floated along and are now abreast of the island (almost dead-center in the picture).

The water is calm and so clear.  Hope you feel the same.
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