Thursday, July 17, 2008


Neighbor heading home on her new toy.


  1. I'm the "Neighbor...headed home on her new toy". Love the site where we have placed our "temporary" claim, there on the Buffalo River,I describe to my friends as simply a "field" on the river (BUT is soooo much more).

    Your photos of the snow make me want to be there in all of the seasons!!

    The area surely puts a spell on those who hesitate long enough to let it penetrate their daughter and son have also fallen under the influence of this magical river and("field"!!!)
    Thank you Amy and Jeff, for making us feel welcome.

  2. Great pictures...thanks for the WELCOME to river Bend!!!!!!!!!

    The neighbor with the new toy!!!

  3. The River, the land, the people: it's enthralling


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