Sunday, October 01, 2006

Topless! ... by Busy Beavers

Out here at the river, its good to have trees along the riverbank to slow down erosion. Here we can see the balance of Mother Nature. (click to enlarge)
  • The first inset shows a thorn tree. The thorns, on a larger tree will pierce the tires of a farm tractor and ruin the tire. But, they provide protection against...
  • The second inset shows what had been twin trees. Just last weekend, one had been cut, but one 6'+ tree remained.
  • The third inset shows most clearly those bucky-beaver tooth marks.
  • Over to the side you can see the path the beavers made as they hauled their booty to their lodge.
  • The beaver at the top, alas, is from the internet. 'Tho I've seen a few beavers swimming in the river, they are elusive. So, come on out here for a visit before the trees are all gone!
If you look closely, you can see the cat. She did lots of sniffing along the beavers' path.

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