Sunday, September 24, 2006

Turkeys and Turkey

Yesterday morning, while at the kitchen sink making coffee, these turkeys were strolling across the yard.

Not to be confused with the PT Cruiser which Amy would probably characterize as a Turkey.

It's the first day of Autumn here. The cosmos (flowers) have been fun this summer. The sunflowers, so dominant earlier are in the picture, but they're done for the year.

They continued their stroll across the yard and into the dry creek, disappearing just after this telephoto shot.
Turkey hunting is a very big deal around here.

Fall Turkey Hunts:
Fifty-four counties will be open to fall turkey hunting. A full listing will be included in the hunting guide. Those 54 counties will be open for quota shotgun/archery hunting on Nov. 13-19. The same counties will also be open to non-quota archery-only hunting with a bag limit of one turkey either-sex during all archery-only deer seasons for that county. Twenty-four will also be open to fall turkey hunting Dec. 13-17.

Wish these fellas well; the next time they're shot at probably won't be with a telephoto.

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