Friday, August 11, 2006

Kayaks here

Rick writes:.
..we're in the route planning stages for arrival in Tennessee around mid-September '07. Maybe we'll even have a kayak on the roof.
But the kayaks are already here! (Photos from last summer)

See the Virginians, Laura & Mark. He's so helpful in
getting Laura launched-- and then she just barrels along downstream.

Amy appreciates the help from Dan. No, Rick, Karil wouldn't have to have an outfit to match the kayak's color. And, paddling downstream, notice how they stick together. Well, that was BEFORE their wedding.

Meanwhile, the other Amy has it all figured out-- click to enlarge and see what's in her right hand.

do these pix bring on some nostalgia? They do for me. It's fun on the river.

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  1. The picture of Dan helping Amy was supposed to show before they paddle away. (still learning how to post blogs)


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